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 Kipxin's Biography

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PostSubject: Kipxin's Biography   Kipxin's Biography EmptySat Mar 30, 2013 6:37 pm

⇢Name; Kipxin (kip-zen)
⇢Nickname; Kip, Kipper, Kipxi, Xen
⇢Age; 3
⇢Gender; Female
⇢Rank Desired; Alpha Female

⇢Species; Gray Wolf
⇢Coat Color; Gray/Brown/Black
⇢Eye Color; Blue
⇢Height; 29"
⇢Weight; 87lbs.
⇢Build; Lean yet muscular
⇢Markings; Her fur is gradient into many different shades of the stated coat colors
⇢Scars; None
⇢Other; n/a

⇢Personality; Kipxin is a wolf of friendly nature. She can be solemn and serious at times when such behavior is necessary, though she is usually quite outgoing and playful. Kipxin tries to set an example for her pack, and it's taken her some time to get used to being looked up to, but she seems to manage almost flawlessly as though this was her destiny. She loves to make friends, and is very much a flirt, though most often she neglects to realize it. Mature for her age, Kipxin understands situations she is faced with and is usually the wolf that gives the most logical advice. She hopes to create a happy, healthy, and loving pack that is warm and welcoming to all!
⇢Family; Mother: Lilah, Father: Unknown, Siblings: Kiesh, Heist.
⇢History; Kipxin was a lone wolf all her life. She was born to a female wolf who had been on the run at the time. Having escaped the darkness that had become her home, Lilah, Kipxin's mother, tried to find a place to raise her pups. Having found no such place in time, Lilah gave birth to three pups under a tree in the middle of unclaimed woodland. Kipxin, Kiesh, and Heist grew up learning important survival skills and how to tough the elements. After a year and a half of exponential growth, the pups grew into wolves that could manage on their own. Their mother soon died of unknown causes, forcing the pups to move on without her. After about another year and a half of traveling, Kiesh and Heist found a pack to join. Kipxin, having an uneasy feeling about the pack they were subject to join, opted out and decided to make a home of her own.
⇢Strengths; Hunting
⇢Weakness; Healing
⇢Likes; Running, nighttime, wolves who are friendly, wolves who make her laugh, wolves who respect her
⇢Dislikes; Thunder, coyotes, wolves who are nosy, wolves who are obnoxious, wolves who are untrustworthy
⇢Habits; Kipxin paces when she thinks. She also has tendency to flatten her ears against her head at random moments.

About You
⇢Sponsor; I created this site.
⇢Average Attendance [1-10]; 9.9
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Posts : 298
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Crush/Mate: He tries to understand her
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PostSubject: Re: Kipxin's Biography   Kipxin's Biography EmptySat Mar 30, 2013 10:56 pm

Kipxin's Biography Xnu6v9
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Kipxin's Biography
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