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 Territories | Site Suggestion~

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PostSubject: Territories | Site Suggestion~   Sat Feb 08, 2014 2:00 pm

Being that I am in fact a newbie of this site, I know it isn't all of that my place to say this, but here goes it!

I've noticed when joining this site that there is a complication with having a 'pack territory' thread asides from the adoptions and mini-plots. According to other sites that I have been on, there is usually a gifted amount of actual territories to be in, and this also separates the amount of posts getting cluttered within the single 'pack territory'. Like say, instead of having just one thread where everyone can join to get accepted, why not a single forum built so that someone can make a new topic for their wolf alone to get accepted?

Here are some example sites that will show you what I mean:
The Lost Ones | Werewolf RPG
Havens Grove | Realistic Wolf RPG
Incandescence | Apocalyptic Wolf RPG
Age of the Wolves | Realistic Wolf RPG

See how that all have separate made 'BORDERS' and other territories set aside so that anyone can make their own thread instead of having someone butt in all the time so people get confused?(:

It's just a suggestion. If there is trouble in making this happen, just let me know. I've been specializing with Forumotion for over two years now, as I am an admin and moderator of other sites, as well as a site-owner of my own.


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PostSubject: Re: Territories | Site Suggestion~   Sat Feb 08, 2014 2:33 pm

Great idea, but I think that this topic has already been reviewed by the assembly. I might be wrong but you can check it out where I think it has been reviewed her at this link More territories .


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PostSubject: Re: Territories | Site Suggestion~   Sat Feb 08, 2014 11:50 pm

Thanks for the suggestion Nuke, but I think we have our minds made up here(: In my opinion, I think it's a bit chaotic to have multiple territories/packs because it makes it harder to manage. I've heard some great success stories in the past about websites with multiple packs, but I think for Mercy we really want to focus on the whole close-knit family-like aspect a singular pack provides. I know there are a lot of pages on one thread, but I think it's easy to follow that way as everything works in a chronological order.

As for joining, every member creates their own little mini-thread. When you first joined you needed to create a topic, too. I think it's appropriate that way because it gives you enough space to write and post your biography while also not restricting you to one small thread where things can get confused and lost. By having one thread dedicated to new-be's posting their first biography, I think it's crucial to keep the steps simple and clear cut so no one gets lost!

I hope this shed some light on our opinions for you, and if you have any other suggestions, feel free to post them! I love hearing about other experienced admins/mods have to say! And p.s. I love your siggy.


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PostSubject: Re: Territories | Site Suggestion~   

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Territories | Site Suggestion~
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