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 Mercy Pack Ranks

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PostSubject: Mercy Pack Ranks   Mon Apr 01, 2013 8:25 pm

Highest Ranks

⇢Alpha Male :: 
⇢Alpha Female :: Kipxin

Secondary Ranks

⇢Beta Male :: Azreal || Kole
⇢Beta Female ::
⇢Lead Healer :: Witt
⇢Lead Hunter :: 
⇢Lead Scout ::
⇢Lead Guardian ::

Tertiary Ranks**

⇢Healers :: Solstice || Midnight Storm || Brighteyes || Bain || Tsukikanji 
⇢Hunters :: Kennya || Lyynn ||  Demence || Kennya || Kyra || Rouge || Diamond || Nuclear
⇢Scouts :: Echo || Kiara || Relic || Shivva || Whisper || Faolan || Hestia
⇢Guardians :: Sonny || Koby || Whiskey || Chancer || Akando || Moonfire || Neus || Beast || Aspen

About the Ranks

AlphasThe alphas are the leaders of the pack. They deserve the most respect and are to be unopposed by any lesser ranks. It is the alpha(s)' duty to protect the pack and its members and to treat each one like family. 
Betas: The betas are second in command. They are the alpha(s)' right paw wolf whom they go to for large decisions they need a new perspective on. Betas are to be respected like alphas, however, they don't have the same authority over pack decisions like the alphas do.
Healers: The healers are one of the most important groups of wolves in the pack. They are talented and skilled wolves who are able to cure sickness and ease pain. They are responsible for the well-being of their pack mates and to be sure that each member of the pack is happy, healthy, and have the highest possible mortality rate due to their care.
Hunters: The hunters are depended on for the supply of food for the pack members. They are to go out in small packs to hunt daily for their alpha and the pups' mothers that may not be able to hunt on their own. Each wolf may hunt, however, the hunters job is to know where to hunt and when to make sure no one in the pack goes hungry.
Scout: The scouts' job is to secure the perimeter of the pack territory to ensure every ones safety. They are to mark and patrol the area to make sure there aren't any threats or dangers to the pack. Scouts may also assist hunters in finding the best areas to find game. 
Guardian: The guardians' job is to fight on the front lines for their family. They are to put their lives on the line for the safety of the pack and are to assist the scouts in ensuring the perimeters are secure. Guardians, during the birthing months of spring, may also watch over pups when parents are away and may help teach the newborns the way of the pack.

Note:: "Lead" Ranks are a step above the tertiary ranks, but are still below Betas. They are to be treated with more respect and have more authority over their own rank groups.

**All Lead members and all tertiary ranks are equal in rank.

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Mercy Pack Ranks
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