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 Kyra - Female

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PostSubject: Kyra - Female   Tue Nov 19, 2013 12:23 pm

⇢Name; Kyra
⇢Nickname; N/A
⇢Age; 3 Years
⇢Gender; Female
⇢Rank Desired; Hunter or Guardian

⇢Species; Red Wolf mix
⇢Coat Color; A mixture of rusty reddish coloring, dark brown, black, gray, and just a little white here and there.
⇢Eye Color; Dark brownish orange
⇢Height; about 26 in (66 cm) at the shoulder, is about 4.5 feet (1.3 meters) from nose to tail
⇢Weight; About 50 lbs (22.7 kg)
⇢Build;Petite and thin with toned, but not exactly distinct, muscles. (see full paragraph description below for more detailed information)
⇢Markings; No distinctive markings
⇢Scars; No visible scars
⇢Other;Kyra is what most would call a “mutt” when it comes to wolves. Her grandmother on her father’s side was completely black, and her grandfather was the typical timber wolf mixture of colors. On her mother’s side, however, she is pure red wolf. Since her father was a mixture of black and the usual earthy browns, grays, and white of the timber wolf, she has some darker colors and grays to her coat. It is also a bit longer and thicker than that of the typical red wolf. However, like her mother, she is small in stature, and carries the rusty coloring of the red wolf as well. In total, the female stands about 26 in (66 cm) at the shoulder, is about 4.5 feet (1.3 meters) from nose to tail, and weighs approximately 50 lbs (22.7 kg). Her eyes are large and round, and carry a dark orange color that seems to darken even more when she is upset and lighten slightly when she is in a better mood. Though typically, they settle on an in-between and one would have to look very closely to even notice the change in tint. Her ears are large in comparison to her small head and muzzle, and they are often found turning and twitching to listen to everything around her. Her legs fit perfectly into the compact form, as they obviously have muscle to them, but it is more toned than bulky and with her short height, they are shorter than those of other wolves. All in all she is small, petite, dainty, and well, tiny.

⇢Personality;Because of her up-bringing, Kyra is a complicated and fiery female. Sure, she has a soft side, though it rarely shows itself as she spends most of her time trying to prove that she’s not a delicate, helpless flower that needs to be sheltered and protected. Trust is a weakness that she cannot afford to show, and the same goes for sympathy. In her eyes, a wolf must deal with the consequences of their mistakes and they do not deserve to have someone else holding their hand through life. Because of this view on life, she doesn’t expect anyone to go out of their way to help her. In fact, she prefers they don’t. In her mind, it has always been her against the world, and she has every intention of continuing to live as such.Handouts are perfect examples of pity that she despises. One of the things she hates the most is when others go out of their way to be nice to someone because they feel sorry for them. Well, Kyra doesn’t want anyone’s pity, and she won’t stand for being talked down to like she doesn’t matter. This does not mean that she has any desire to run a pack or even be of high rank within one. No, the only reasoning for which she wants to be part of a pack is survival and that rare moment when she is feeling social. The small rusty colored female is no fool. She knows when to sit quietly and when to speak, she knows when to submit and when to assert herself. The inter-workings of a pack are not too difficult to understand and even more simple to manipulate. The tiny wolf is an expert when it comes to manipulation, though typically her ultimate goal behind it all is not to take advantage of someone. Unlike other manipulators, she uses the tool to survive and take care of herself.However, do not take her skills of manipulation as lies, per say. Kyra knows how to dance around the truth when necessary, and believe it or not, she does have a kind side that does it’s best to spare another’s feelings when she’s feeling kind and generous. Though, these are rare occasions and only occur when she’s taken down her walls and let someone else in. In her eyes, she doesn’t want – or need – help from anyone, and she rarely accepts it. If she does, it is only for the necessity of survival, and she’ll likely never admit to it in the future. Pride is one of her downfalls, but it is also something that she’s likely to never let go of. Sure, she’ll swallow it now and then to submit to a wolf that deserves her respect, though she has run into only a fair few that have deserved such submission from her. In her mind, the world is mostly black and white, a place of cause and effect, perhaps. A wolf performs an action or behavior, and they must deal with the consequences that follow said behavior and/or action. Plain and simple. However, there are minor exceptions to this rule. Kyra, for example, sees the little gray areas between, and uses them as if they were strings and she was a puppeteer. Weaknesses, to her at least, are opportunities of manipulation, as well as things for her to use for her own ends. This isn’t to say that she doesn’t often ignore weaknesses, and in fact, she usually does. There is, however, the occasional wolf that simply gets on her nerves and deserves to encounter her fury. Because of her small size, the rusty colored female does not resort to displays of strength, but instead slowly and carefully pulls at strings and pushes buttons to achieve her goals.
⇢Family;Father; Knox || Mother; April || Brothers; Nexus, Orion, & Lex.
⇢History;Kyra’s father, Knox, was born into your run of the mill, average pack. The alpha male was his father, as only the alpha was allowed to reproduce in his mind. His mother was a proud and strong, completely black, timber wolf female that stood at her mate’s side no matter what. Knox was born into the first litter that his mother gave birth to, which consisted of two males and three females. Though their parents were the alphas of the pack, their offspring were not treated as if they were royalty. In his father’s eyes, Knox and his siblings had to earn respect, just as any other member of the pack.This also meant, however, that when they were of age, they were not allowed to reproduce. They were not, of course, the alpha male and alpha female of the pack. Therefore, they had no breeding rights. Now, their pack territory was large and encompassed many miles of land. However, there was always the occasional lone wolf that would happen upon their border and request acceptance into their rankings. Usually these were lone females, as Knox’s father was rather protective and only let male wolves in on rare occasions.Since there were more females in the pack than males, Knox and his brother had next to no one to relate to other than their father. Sure, there were other males, but most of them held lower ranks in order to keep them in line. His father missed no opportunity to assert his dominance and put someone in their place. Therefore it did not take Knox and his brother long to learn their positions in the pack as warriors apprenticed to their father. One day, however, his mother accepted a small red-wolf female into the pack. Her name was April, and Knox fell for her almost instantly. She was rare, as red wolves were not common in the area, and he could not get over how beautiful she was. The season came around once more, and against his better judgment, Knox took April as his mate. After all, the combination of beautiful and exotic was too much for him to handle. However, he was no fool. He knew that if his father found out, he would be chased from the pack and April and the pups would likely be killed. Therefore, the pair was quick to leave the territory and set out on their own, hoping to find a place to call home far from The two traveled as far from the pack as fast as they could, but soon the journey took it’s toll on the pregnant female. The winter was harsh and with less food and only her mate to hunt for her, she grew weak and the pair was finally forced to settle down near a large river. When spring finally came around and prey became more readily available, Knox did his best to provide for his mate as she finally gave birth to a small litter of 4 pups. They were all a strange and intricate mixture of grays, blacks, and red, a combination of their parents. It didn’t take long for the small family to become a tiny pack of their own, though it was clear that Knox’s sons were much too much like himself.When the pups were old enough, his largest son took every opportunity to assert his dominance and try to overthrow his father. April had never been known for her strength or her dominance, so it wasn’t uncommon for her to fail to assert herself and let her offspring walk all over her. Knox, of course, disliked this, but like his mate, did not possess the proper qualities of an alpha and was soon overthrown by his son, Nexus. Of the three males born to the pair, he had always been the most cruel. It was not uncommon for him to lead his brothers on rampages against their parents, and even their only sister, Kyra. The little female was the only one of the four to take her size from her mother, and she was often teased by her brothers and called a coyote instead of a true wolf like them. She was too small, too weak, not able to do anything worth while. However, unlike her mother, Kyra had an attitude and a fiery temper. It was not uncommon for her to meet her brothers’ verbal attack with teeth and fury, and she eventually secured herself a place in the pack that did not consist of her family degrading her, at least not to her face.But the mutters under their breath and their constant belittlement of her abilities proved to be too much for her, and she finally left. She was quick to look for another pack to call home, but she met the same fate, even with many of the same insults. So she continued on, to a string of similar failures which proved to harden her to others and the world around her. She quickly learned how to manipulate those around her to survive and get what she wanted, and eventually learned to use her size to her advantage. She traveled on her own for a long time, though it was painfully clear that living with a pack was much easier that surviving on her own. So she began her pursuit of a pack once more, determined to do whatever it took to survive, even if it meant swallowing her pride and submitting to a deserving alpha. After all, her welfare depended on it, didn’t it?
⇢Strengths;Kyra is very intelligent and determined, leaving few things unfinished or unsolved. She is also very loyal and honest, though at times this honesty does not always work in her favor. She is fast and agile, and because of her small stature, she can move places and avoid things that larger wolves cannot. (For more information, see her personality section above.)
⇢Weakness;The tiny rusty colored wolf is incredibly stubborn and hard-headed. She knows her place, and she is respectful when necessary, but she has plenty of moments when she opens her mouth and says things that she thinks without using a proper filter. This is where her honesty can also be a weakness. She has trouble with her filters from time to time, and though she typically thinks before she speaks, when she's fired up, there's usually no stopping her thoughts from making themselves known. She is also small, which makes it difficult for her to win a battle based on pure brute strength, and usually she performs better as a distraction or diversion in a hunt rather than being the wolf to take down the kill. (For more information, see her personality section above.)
⇢Likes;Kyra likes to spend time on her own, enjoying the scent and sight of the forest and nature around her. She loves snow, and her long, thick fur keeps her comfortable and warm in the winter months. She enjoys the occasional social moment, though she prefers to spend her time training and exploring rather than chatting away with others. Often times she can be found relaxing just outside of her den in the sunlight, enjoying the feeling of the warmth on her fur and letting her mind wander. (For more information, see her personality section above.)
⇢Dislikes;She is not a huge fan of pups, and sees them more as noisy, bothersome, and helpless little creatures as opposed to the future of the pack. Now, this may be because of her past as the only female pup in her litter, but she avoids them when she can either way.  If there is one thing that drives her up the wall the most it would be others commenting on her small stature. She is very touchy when it comes to her size, and this can be one of the easiest ways to get her fired up and fighting. (For more information, see her personality section above.)
⇢Habits;(See the sections above - all of this information is located within the personality section as a whole)

About You

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⇢Average Attendance [1-10];9-10 || I work overnights, so I tend to have a lot of time on my hands during the day when I'm awake.
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PostSubject: Re: Kyra - Female   Tue Nov 19, 2013 2:09 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Kyra - Female   Tue Nov 19, 2013 10:07 pm

Sorry about the format mix up, when I edited the password on your bio it got all messed up/: But, you have a gorgeous biography and I'm very excited to welcome you! I'm updating your rank right now(:


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Welcome to the pack.

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Kyra - Female
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